Sunday, May 12, 2013

Roma 2013 Kit

24-04-13 by Anita Davies
24-04-13, a photo by Anita Davies on Flickr.
My trip is drawing close now so I thought I'd share the first spread in the Seawhite Concertina sketchbook I'll be taking with me to Rome on Monday. This is my kit for the trip.

My usual kit:
Lamy filled with Noodlers bullet proof black ink
Travel Brush set
HB pencil for margin lines for my handwriting
Ruler for writing along (Wonky writing that isn't intended to be wonky bothers me)
Glue stick
Water spray bottle for palette cleaning and dampening paints
Lamy filled with Noodlers Walnut ink

New additions to my 'usual' daily kit for this trip are:
Two pigment liners and two Tombow markers for quick tonal monochrome sketches (a new discovery I've been playing with recently I hope will come in handy at times where pulling out watercolours is difficult eg. Standing)
Two watercolour pencils...why not?
Toothbrush...Haven't used it in ages and thought it might be fun!
A water tight money pot, the sort you buy the kids on holiday, which I am using as a travel water pot for my paints
Tiny water brush for the plane so I can fill it and it will not take up too much room in my ziplock bag for security
2 new colours in my palette....just to mix it up a little and add adventure!
4 spare elastic bands to make a new 'book bra' should I lose mine in Rome (A design I created so the concertina sketchbook doesn't unravel in use)

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