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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Last Of 2012

30-12-12 by Anita Davies
30-12-12, a photo by Anita Davies on Flickr.
This was the only spread I did in my sketchbook during December 2012, I did paint a commissioned acrylic double portrait but this was my only sketch.
I struggled for inspiration towards the end of last year and I tried very hard to fight it; I even joined the 75 day sketch challenge to try to kick start myself again but the passion just wasn't there. Unusual for me to say the least!
So, in December I decided to stop fighting and simply chill, I figured that perhaps I just needed the break and so I got lost in Christmas and all it's wonderment and I think it was good for me.
So...a new year begins and I'm hoping 2013 will restore my misplaced sketching mojo, so far I seem to be plodding along, creating a spread here and there, gradually getting back into my groove....Time to remind myself that Christmas is over and get my arse into gear I think!

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