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Friday, August 31, 2012

The Teddy Chair

BS75-62 by Anita Davies
BS75-62, a photo by Anita Davies on Flickr.
Number 62/75 for my 75 day sketch challenge. I used a Stabilo point 88 black pen and watercolour, the ink in the Stabilo is soluable. I sketched fast and painted faster!
I've found that adding a 'speed' aspect to the task is proving useful both for time and experimental purposes; it's nice to be loose and daring. The task entails that sketches be made directly in ink with no 'pencil' guidelines, since I always sketch this way I felt I needed to add my own personal element to the task so I give myself up to 15 minutes. Some sketches have been produced in a lot less but 15 is my max. I think the results show a much looser style that I rather enjoy.

Today, 31st August 2012, was my last day of the challenge and I'm pleased to say I have completed it, however, my scanning is a little behind and, due to me also uploading my journal entries, it may be a while before I have revealed all of the sketches I made.
It has proved a very useful challenge, I took part because my inspiration was flagging and, once committed, I felt I MUST create something daily. It was a real struggle to start with but I pushed on and gradually it has inspired more regular journal entries.

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