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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Brenda Swensons 75 Day Sketch Challenge

BS75-1 by Anita Davies
BS75-1, a photo by Anita Davies on Flickr.
I sketch daily, I have done since around 2007. Now and then I may miss a day but mostly I manage to fill at least one spread in what ever sketchbook/journal I am using at the time. Recently I have hit a wall! I still WANT to sketch but suddenly I find it difficult to be inspired by anything. This is a new (and scary) experience for me, I've managed to be inspired by most everything in the past even in times of great demand I managed to find a moment to grab something from my day and record it.
I miss this daily event. I miss being inspired. I miss being able to cut off and zone out, albeit for a few moments.
Okay, so it has only been recently and it hasn't been for long but I worry that the gaps in my journal will get longer and longer until daily journalling exists no longer.
It's been a friend. It has helped me to cope with so much. Being able to escape into my journal and see the beauty in SOMETHING each day and log it has been a blessing through some very emotional days.
I usually rise to a challenge, I work well under pressure!
So, I have decided to do the 75 day sketch challenge to get me back in the 'swing'.
I must sketch something everyday for 75 consecutive days in pen and wash only!
Brenda Swenson intended the challenge to improve drawing and observation skills and I have no doubt it does both. After sketching daily for around 5 years I have seen improvement in my skills. However, I am personally taking this challenge simply to apply the pressure to myself to sketch daily...something...anything and will be posting each and every one. I am hoping that, in time, it will coincide with journal entries I also make once my inspiration is re-ignited.
I have started with the derelict house in our drove. I used a Lamy Safari fountain pen filled with Noodlers Walnut ink, I felt no inspiration when I put pen to paper but once my marks were committed I did begin to enjoy the process. I might add that I drove for a full twenty minutes before actually coming to the derelict house in my own drove as a last resort because nothing inspired me on that journey. Taking the challenge seriously made me stop and getting something on paper was a huge plus!


Claire M said...

Interesting to hear about your journey and where you are right now. This 75 day journey has interested me for some time. I hope to start it later this year.

Joan T said...

Super sketch! I will be back to see more of these! Maybe I will join in the challenge too.

Brenda Swenson said...

You are not alone in your feelings and fears. I have felt the same thing more times than I would like to admit. The sketch challenge is a drawing a day for many but for those like you and me it puts us back in touch with that part of us that makes us feel whole and complete.

Best wishes for a speedy return to yourself,