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Thursday, May 03, 2012

Last Minute Change For Rome.

Folio-WC by Anita Davies
Folio-WC, a photo by Anita Davies on Flickr.
After preparing my lovely Saunders Waterford sketchbook for my Rome trip I decided to sketch a little of my packing to find that my Lamy Safari did not sweep over the watercolour NOT pages as I had hoped. While it is a wonderful sketchbook and I look fwd to filling it's pages one day, I have decided that, while exciting, getting used to a new paper during the 4 long awaited nights I have in Rome is not ideal for a stress free trip! Fortunately my Sons gifted me some watercolour Moleskine Folio journals for my birthday too and, since I have been using one for the past month or so, I have got used to it's awkwardly wide format and LOVE the I'm going with that!
I am now going through the preparation stages all over again; printing maps, copying research notes, prepping pages with stencils and washes etc...
After a bit of a panic, I'm starting to enjoy the process again and can't quite believe I have just ONE more day before I head for Rome!!!

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