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Friday, May 27, 2011

TY Bear

Originally uploaded by Anita Davies

Noodlers bullet proof black ink and watercolour in daily journal


The Art of Scott L Hendrie said...
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The Art of Scott L Hendrie said...


Such a reminder close to my heart. Colin collected Teddy Bears including TY bears. I should do a series on them. I did give Colin's first teddy bear to Kennedy Rose my grand daughter his niece. I'm sure he would have been happy with that. I have a photo and art from that photo of the first moment he hugged his bear, from then on referred to as just teddy.

Thanks for the memory joggle.


Serena said...

What a cute teddy bear! I have a couple of similar ones that I've been meaning to sketch for a while now. Perhaps you've inspired me to do so. Lovely work, Anita ~ :)