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Monday, May 09, 2011

Daisy May

Originally uploaded by Anita Davies

I was a bit concerned when we brought her home as my Dad once had a goose and it was terrifying! Daisy is wonderful though, she follows me everywhere, eats from my hand and lets me stroke her while she plays with my sequined shoes. LOL!


Michael Bailey said...

Aw, she's cute. I wish I had the room for some geese and ducks - just have to make do with the ones on the river for now I guess :(

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Ha ha hahaha. I've seen this wonderful little sketch right in the magnificent book as Anita has just spent a weekend with me.

BTW you left your lovely green top hanging on the wardrobe door knob! Come back and get it next weekend??!!

Serena said...

Awwww....this one makes we wish we lived on a farm. Geese can be quite scary, particularly in groups. I guess they do say geese make great guard dogs but I'm glad to hear Daisy May is more friendly.