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Saturday, February 05, 2011

Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, UK

Originally uploaded by Anita Davies

I find chairs very difficult at the best of times, especially as I work directly in ink with no pencil guidelines, but this wheelchair was the ultimate challenge!!!
A bit wonky and probably wouldn't stand up to health and safety but overall I am pleased with my quik effort.


Anonymous said...

Looks great to me.
I'm a relative newcomer to this world of sketching. but doing it with a pencil outline... is like going out on a motor bike without a helmet . . . and knowing you're going to crash
Love your Italian stuff- But this is the first time I've seen somebody sketch the dream not the experience... do you intend to re-do the sketches on the spot?

Joan said...

Love the wheelchair and it doesn't look wonky to me. I admire that you're getting yourself in shape to sketch Italy. Let the countdown begin.

Sandra Rowney said...

You made a lovely job of sketching my rocking chair I remember! It is in my studio in Norwich now - and is part of the 4pm tea ritual that keeps body and soul together.