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Monday, January 10, 2011

Arthouse Sketchbook Project

Originally uploaded by Anita Davies

The second of my daily journal examples in my Arthouse Sketchbook, one of five, Monday through Friday.


drudra said...

Hi Anita!
I just came across your blog for the first time today.. and I am glad I did..

Love your Tuesday sketch! Dropped a comment on your flickr page!

Looking forward to more great posts!


Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

I'm hoping to get to see your sketchbook when it comes to Atlanta Georgia... later this year. I so admire your drawings. You are a inspiration.

Sue Pownall (aka travelingsuep) said...

This looks like where we met - that was a lovely day.

Don't you have to send this sketchbook about now?

Anita Davies said...

Thnak you for taking the time to browse and leave your kind comment Dinesh

Awww thanks Elaine. Ooooh I hope you get to see it in the 'flesh', be sure to let me know if you do!

LOL...It's gone Sue...PHEW! I sent it on the 11th....4 whole days early actually! *smug grin*