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Wednesday, January 05, 2011

January Sales

Originally uploaded by Anita Davies

Noodlers Bullet Proof Black ink and watercolour in daily journal.

I know, I know...More shoes! BUT...These were such a bargain at £3, what woman could resist?

This is just one of three spreads I made from some of the goodies I purchased in this years January Sales.


Joan Sandford-Cook said...

£3 great buy - I managed to find some uggy boots for £5!! Hurry up Tom with that wardrobe/closet extension or shoes will pile up in the kitchen cabinets before long. Ooooh 129 days - doesnt sound long! How many shoes are you planning to pack???????????

Anita Davies said...

I started the plan with one pair of sensible black shoes and some daytime mules...Let's just say that plan has gone way out of the window!

Sue Pownall (aka travelingsuep) said...

Fabulous shoes Anita! Great drawing of them.

Did you see the shoes I got for xmas period? I am so out of my comfort zone in them, but they are perfect for you.