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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Arthouse Sketchbook Project

Originally uploaded by Anita Davies

The final spread in my Arthouse Sketchbook Project was used to hold and display my cards. Istuck one onto the front of two small silver envelopes, cut an opening to make it easier to take a card out and filled them to the brim!
I stuck these in last so I could scan the other pages without bulky shadows...hence the bad quality of the RHS of this scan.


sue said...

Oh, Great idea, Anita! It sounds like it's beautiful!

Sue Pownall (aka travelingsuep) said...

What a fabulous way to finish the sketchbook and excellent promotion.

Alex Zonis said...

What a great idea to include cards for people to take! Why didn't I think of that??? and I have just made my own cards... I love how you designed the pockets and the spread. Hopefully some cards will still be there for me to grab one in July... but I doubt it :)!

Anais said...

Fantastic work, Anita: congratulations! ^^