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Tuesday, December 07, 2010


Originally uploaded by Anita Davies

I went for it... I got myself some choppy layers and a fringe! I kept the length but now my hair stays out of my face, which is what has been annoying me.

Not been sketching too much recently, I've been trying to catch up on the six weeks that I was poorly; Christmas shopping, tidying and the never ending laundry! Feeling much better but even now this dreaded bug still lingers slightly, nothing I can't handle now though!

On Sunday I went into Ely to collect a Christmas gift and decided to treat myself to a cream tea in Peacocks before venturing home to cook the Sunday roast.
I love Peacocks!


Cori Lynn Berg said...

Bang or no bangs, that is the question! :) Glad they are out of your face!

Joan said...

Glad you were brave enough for a change!