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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Catching Up

Originally uploaded by Anita Davies

Noodlers bullet proof black ink and watercolour in daily journal.

Finally managing a bit of location work, all be it from the warmth and comfort of my car.
I have been dying to sketch over the past couple of days but being poorly and out of action for a couple of weeks has meant lots of catching up both in the home and, of course, with my Christmas shopping!
LOVE Christmas!!!

This house sits back off the road on my drive through Wimblington into March town, I often admire it but have never sketched it...until now!


travelingsuep said...

Great sketch Anita. It doesn't look like winter there yet.

Glad you are out & about and getting better.

Cori Lynn Berg said...

It must be a treasure for someone to see one of your journals first hand. Page after page of such detail and life!

Anita Davies said...

Don't be fooled by the sun Sue, it is freezing here!

Thank you Cori