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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Test Run

Originally uploaded by Anita Davies

This spread is from my Italian Trip 2011 Prep Sketchbook.

I have added two more half pans to my 'Compact' palette. There was alot of room around the thumb hole, so I popped two in there with some silicon adhesive. I love Daniel Smiths Raw Umber Violet and added the Quin Magenta ...just because I can!

My travel kit worked a treat during a recent test run to Joans in Norfolk. The film cannister is a genius idea and mine is actually water tight too which meant I could save the water, if it wasn't too dirty, for the next sketch. I think the blu-tack will help alot to secure the cannister, I found I had to be really gentle around it incase I knocked it over, I have it on my shopping list. This was the only complaint I had with my whole kit throughout the whole weekend, everything else was just perfect and this problem is very easily solved so I am really pleased with all the choices I made.

*I took an A6 book to Norfolk but will be taking an A5 to Italy, this will be the only difference and my bag is very small. An A5 fits, I have checked, but the larger size could tighten things up a little on the side pockets that currently hold water bottles for re-fills and spritzing...Nothing I can see causing any major problems though, I just may have to take one instead of two!

Overall...Great kit, great test good I wanted to use it when I got home but must resist or I'll wear the bag out before I even leave for Italy! LOL!

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