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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Peacocoks Tearooms, Ely, Cambs

Originally uploaded by Anita Davies

I've been visiting my favourite Tearooms in Ely again, this time with my dear friend Rose-ann.
We had such a lovely time catching up here while munching on a few of their delicious goodies.
I did indulge in one of their homemade, warm scones with cream and homemade jam again but decided to sketch Rose-Anns teapot and the sugar bowl with it's beaded cover this time.
Such a wonderful place with fantastic staff!


Helena said...

This is gorgeous! I find round things like teapots really tricky to draw. I love yours. WIsh I wer there to join you in the cakes!!

travelingsuep said...

Very pretty spread Anita. How old-fashioned is the sugar cover? Beautiful drawn.

Margaret Ann said...

How romantic and lovely...Mmmmm!

Anita Davies said...

Thanks Helena...The scones are delicious!

Sue isn't the cover wonderful...Thank you!

Thanks Margaret...It is a fabulous place.