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Thursday, October 07, 2010

H20 on the Go!

Originally uploaded by Anita Davies

Been looking at some ideas for travelling water containers both to use with my watercolours and to act as refils while on location in Italy next year.
I discovered this genius empty film container idea from Liz Steel after finding an oil well with a screw top I thought I might use.
I'll test both out on my palette before I go.


Michael said...

35mm film cannisters are excellent (lightproof = waterproof) and pass the shake test. I think extra water is a must even if you mainly use a waterbrush. Another good one is the small Listerine bottles - after you've used the contents obviously :)

Anita Davies said...

Oh Michael, where can I get my hands on an empty 35mm cannister?
I have re-fil bottles sorted, just need a cannister for using to clean my brush while painting.

Serena said...

I love the idea of 35mm canisters for extra water! Anita, let me know if you have any trouble getting hold of them as I can pop a couple in the mail to you.

Btw, love the sketch!

Michael said...

Hi Anita. Sorry about the delay in replying - Just back from hols in the Azores:) No time for sketching - too much to see and too beautiful - but got lots of photos to work from at home.
I've got a few spare film cannisters so I can bung a couple in the post for you if Serena hasn't done that already.