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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tuscany Treasures

Originally uploaded by Anita Davies

After much consideration and comparison, hours with a travel agent and Joan working her wonders with maps and mileage....This is the tour we are currently, seriously considering!

There is so much we want to fit in that it means we will get just one day in all of them while being based at Chianciano Terme. A taster of Italy really.

The trip flies from Norwich, Joans local airport (just 10 mins from her) , and includes Rome (my must see) and Siena (Joans must see) I am awaiting answers to a few questions from the agent and have plans to visit Joan in October so we can chew over details and venture down to the travel agent to possibly make our booking.

So exciting!

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Bob Easton said...

You probably already know most of this...

If you are part of a tour, ignore the rest. But if you are self-guided, the rest is essential.

Avoid lines in Florence by getting tickets for the Ufizi and the Academia IN ADVANCE. You can get tickets for specific entrance times and avoid hours of waiting in line.

In Rome, put the Sistine chapel first on the list and be in line at least an hour before it opens. Seeing other things first almost assures you of not being able to get into the chapel. The lines get very long, even in winter.

ENJOY the trip!!!!