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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

'Splendours Of Italy' Tour

Originally uploaded by Anita Davies

A different tour with a different company. Advantages of this tour are that you change hotels, so you are actually based where you want to be rather than based in Tuscany and taking 'day trips'.
This tour leaves from Gatwick, none of the local airports we were hoping for, but to stay in Rome......ahhhhh, now that's a teaser!
The main reason for the enquiries into this tour is that the rep with the other company could not guarantee me a visit to the Sistine during the one and only day we would be in Rome. With this tour, we have the choice of an optional visit to the Sistine. I am currently waiting to hear back from their agent as to whether the tour includes transfers to the Vatican. If it doesn't, we can make our own way there without worrying if we will ...
A) make it in time
B) miss the coach back to the hotel in Tuscany because we are just a cab ride away from our yummy Rome hotel.
...and we have more than one day in Rome to make it happen!

Oooooh, this tour also includes Venice, the other tour did not. Joan has been to Venice before but is quite happy to re-visit and I am thrilled it's on the itinerary.

Soooooooooooo excited!


Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Please ring this afternoon to agree we will book this Archer's trip before the reduced special price runs out at the end of the month - TOMORROW!! All problems resolved this end.

Hey! my word verficiation is JOY ASK!! So go one ask!!

travelingsuep said...

I just saw on Joan's blog that you are now booked. Congrats, it sounds lovely. Mind considering how excited you two are already I can't image what you will be like come May :D