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Friday, September 24, 2010

Ghetto Vecchio

Originally uploaded by Anita Davies

More for my trip preparation sketchbook and this time over to Venice in the Ghetto Vecchio. Venice isn't on the itenerary that we are considering, it's simply impossible to fit the whole of Italy into 7/8 nights. Joan and I both had our priority spots and we've planned our trip around those (Siena and Rome) but I shall return one day and Venice will be on my priorities when I do.

Noodlers Walnut ink and watercolour.
I am really enjoying the Walnut soluable ink for architecture, as it dissolves with the watercolour application it adds tone and depth. The Daniel Smith watercolour lends itself perfectly here, rich golds and earthy reds.
*Note to all you watercolourists from the UK...Daniel Smith watercolours are now available from Jacksons Art:


Joan said...

I love how you are getting ready for your trip by sketching Italy!!!! I think you use a Lamy pen. I finally got one while I was in Italy visiting Robyn Sinclair. I love it!

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

... but ahaa!! as of this morning it seems we shall be visiting Venice. Gorgeous colours my friend. Aren't we having fun sorting out our trip. As Clive says you'd think we were planning walking round the world not just 9 days in Italy!!!