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Thursday, September 30, 2010


Originally uploaded by Anita Davies

Just had to sketch this beautiful building in Bologna, even though I won't be visiting there, such rich earthy tones! It's shape reminds me a little of Ikworth House here in the UK.

I booked our Tour today!!!!!!!!!!!

We fly on the 15th May 2011 but will travel up the day before and stay at a hotel near the airport for our early rise to capture the 7am flight into Rome.

I am just so excited!


Joan said...

You must be so excited about the trip...and to go with a good artist friend makes it even better! I hope you plan on taking us all along! I know when I made my plans it was so hard to decide where to go in Italy...I wanted to go everywhere and there is never enough time.

Anita Davies said...

Oh I hear ya' Joan...Decisions, decisions! The great thing about the tour is that it will provide a taster of so many wonderful places and a huge incentive, no doubt, for me to return one day!
I'd love 3 months but a 9 taster will suit me just fine until i win the lottery! Lol!

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

I quickly typed in a comment to be the first and to say thanks pal for organising the booking today and praise all your work on recent posts. I reckon before all these months are up blog visitors will be saying 'Is there really any need to go after all when you have sketched EVERYTHING already!!'... but there was an error and lost it all. !! Feel really pleased the booking is made and think you found us a really good company in Archers Direct. Thanks fellow travelling sketcher. Oooohhh!! I'm so excited about all the places we are going to visit.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I can't wait to tag along vicariously.

Anita Davies said...

Oh me too Joan and I'm so pleased to be seeing them all with you! :)

LOL...I can't wait either Lisa