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Friday, September 03, 2010

An Afternoon in March

Originally uploaded by Anita Davies

The Griffin Hotel and March Museum.

That's March, Cambridgeshire, UK not the month of March.


Joan said...

I just had a great time looking through some of your sketches that I missed while I was away in Venice for a month and a half (which seemed like a lifetime.)I am always in awe of your work, and your ability to sketch anywhere. Thanks for coming over to see some of my Venice paintings. I did about 80 while I was there, so there are many more to be posted yet. I met up with a fellow blogger (Robyn Sinclair) in Tuscany where she lives and on my last day there we went to Florence and shopped for art supplies. I finally got a Lamy Safari pen!!! (after you mentioned them so many times) I love it!

Anita Davies said...

Oooh you lucky woman, 6 whole weeks in Italy!!!
Glad you like the Lamy pen, I love mine...I now have 5 all filled with different Noodler's inks!