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Monday, August 23, 2010

Saturday With Sue Pownall

On Friday my good friend Joannie came to stay for the weekend.
On Friday evening we did some sketching from DVD stills of Italian architecture, that have yet to scan, in preparation for our Italian trip next year.

On Saturday morning we drove into Haddenham Galleries, to see my exhibition, before going onto Upware to The Five Mile Inn where I had arranged to meet fellow art blogger Sue Pownall for the very first time.

We spent a wonderful day together, eating, drinking chatting and sketching. Sue is such a lovely woman.

We all hope to meet again in Coltishall, where Joannie lives, when Sue returns from overseas next year, and Sue invited us to visit her in her new appartment in Southern Italy as soon as renovations were complete....How exciting is that!

A great day with fantastic company!


Sandra said...

Hi Anita
Lovely sketches - They are so good!
I will also be meeting Sue for the first time on the 2nd. We're meeting in Colchester for a sketching day. I'm really looking forward to it as sketching is something I need to do alot more of. Sounds like it will be a lovely day! Lovely blog btw :0)

Anita Davies said...

Thank you Sandra. Sue is lovely, I'm sure you'll have a great day together.

travelingsuep said...

aaah such kinds words.
Great post Anita. It was lovely meeting you too and I am looking forward to Coltishall.

Renovations will probably be complete by 2020!!! but if you can put up with liveable and unfinished you are more than welcome beforehand.

Anita Davies said...

Oh I can put up with anything just so long as I can plug a kettle in for a cuppa! LOL! Can't wait!

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Glorious memory of our weekend together and meeting up with Sue. By the way Sue, I could put up with the local vino quite easily if there is no electricity!!

travelingsuep said...

It has electricity, a kettle and a corkscrew, so we are all set :D

Anita Davies said...

Ahhhh, we have all we need!
...Baggsie I sleep in the kettle, don't fancy balancing on a corkscrew! LOL!