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Sunday, August 15, 2010

First Love

Originally uploaded by Anita Davies

Been uploading a few older photos of acrylic pieces to my Flickr account today; pieces I painted before I opened a Flickr account.
This is one of them.

Also managed a bit more in my Art House Project book and added a few sketches to Harrys' school holiday journal aswell as the usual laundry and roast dinner that Sunday requires.
Pretty full on day!

I plan to spend my night, feet up, watching a favourite film I haven't seen for a while with a few coffees and a biscotti...or two!.


Serena said...

I remember your beautiful rose paintings from WC, Anita. Enjoy the movie and treats ~

The Art of Scott L Hendrie said...

Beautiful Anita !!!

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

GORGEOUS GORGEOUS GORGEOUS! A lovely reminder of the days you painted your wonderful roses.

Anita Davies said...

Thanks Serena, Movie and treats were superb!

Thanks Scott

Thank you Joannie...Yes, nice reminder, been thinking I should do more.

Anonymous said...

This is just stunning! Wow.