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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Ellies Life Book Unfolded

Here are the pics of Ellies life book unfolded, as promised. Not particularly good pics but you get the idea. I am delighted with this idea, the book is already taking form.

I've been home from St Osyth for five days now and it seems my relaxed approach to art followed me back because I did nothing for four of them!
Yesterday I picked up my Art House Sketchbook again and started on pages two and three, mainly because I was unable to do anything else due to the fact that my Son (a personal trainer) took me for our first training session on Monday and I could barely move all day Tuesday!...Who knew you had so many muscles in your bum and legs!!!!!! I've mastered the walking but sitting is still awkward this morning.

It's pouring with rain here today, so I'm hoping to lose myself in the studio and get those two pages finished after my noon training session.
Will scan and post soon as I'm done.

My Art House Sketchbook still hasn't arrived there any one else from the UK that is taking part that can tell roughly how long theirs took to arrive? I'm gathering it's just a postal thing.


Margaret Ann said...

A delightful little treasure...Lovely! :)

Serena said...

A treasure indeed, Anita...beautiful work! And what a wonderful idea...I may follow suit and create a sketchbook for my first Grandchild due in December.

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Lovely to see Elli's book unfolded. Can't believe you did not do any art for 4 days on arriving home. I, of course, with Ron and Gaynor here did not do much since they arrived last Thursday - just that floral pastel I posted. See you soon as you can make it after 4 pm Frid at Sandra's cottage. She is happy for us to arrive any time we want.