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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Marmozh for JKPP

Marmozh for JKPP
Originally uploaded by Anita Davies

Created with an 02 pigment liner in my Moleskine Folio watercolour sketchbook
You can view the ref I used here:


Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Just commented but not sure if it was accepted. Said something like loved the pensive look and tilt of head you captured just with a pencil. As for working in the bath, beginning to think you are sketch mad - how abut on the loo next time???
Started the Holkham Hall acrylic from our visit at last for the Alby Craft Fair end of month.

Anita Davies said...

I am not sketching on the loo...I have to draw the line somewhere! LOL!
Looking fwd to seeing your progress on Holkham. I have it easy right now, St Matthews at Sutton Bridge was cancelled this year.