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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Snettisham Weekend - Friday

Joannie and I arrived at the cottage in Snettisham just a few minutes apart and Tony and Ruth greeted us with a delicious lunch which we ate on the patio at the rear of the property with the most wonderful sea view...infact the beach was just yards from us!
When Tony and Ruth said goodbye, Joan and I took a stroll along the sea front up to the yacht club and back along the lake at the front of the property...again, the lake is just yards from the front door.
About half way through our little stroll we sat for a while and sketched.
What a wonderful location, Ruth and Tony are so kind to share this little haven with us.

The electricity in the cottage runs off a battery, so we lit the cottage with candles after a long dinner and sketched with a glass of wine. You really could not see very much at all so I was quite surprised when I took another look at my candle sketch the next morning...a bit wobbly but a fabulous memory captured in my journal.

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Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Clever girl splitting your sketches into three separate daily posts. I just whacked them all into one - picking out my best of course!! Amazing what you can do in the dark!! Wasn't it simply a wonderful time together?