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Monday, June 14, 2010

New Book

15 min studies in ink

I have a new reference book "Facial Expressions Babies to Teens" by Mark Simon. I thought it would be handy for those evenings lounging on the sofa wondering what to sketch without having to actually move!

I hope to experiment with line, media, colour and style with my studies. I'm using an A5 Hand*Book journal with a green cover for this project.

My first attempts were created using a Lamy Safari fountain pen filled with Noodlers red/black ink and a waterbrush to produce tone. As you can see it's not the best media for portraying children, harsh lines add age and the lines are necessary to get ink on the page in order to create the tone with the waterbrush. All three of these children are actually 4 years old in their reference pictures.

Still, it served the purpose it was purchased for perfectly and gave me something to sketch other than the wall!

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Anais said...

Good exercise! :)