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Thursday, June 10, 2010


7"x12" ink and watercolour

Here's that little teddy again.
A collection of the boys childhood toys sat upon a book sketched from my imagination.

Best viewed large (click image) My scanner lost a few of the valuesbut it's pretty close.


Anais said...

Simply beautiful!

Serena said...

OH so cute!

Joan said...

This is adorable!!! Your bear is in good company!

The Art of Scott L Hendrie said...

Anita, you should really do Children's Books, these are wonderful characters !


Linisha said...

You wouldn't believe how happy you made my son.. He's 14 months old.. and was overjoyed seeing all these Friends! He said 'Hi' to them and then spoke in a very special tone that he speaks in when he's chatting with his furry companions!
It's awesome!!