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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ely Cathedral

I created this compilation the same day I did the Peacocks Tearoom compilation. The tulips were a purchase from the market that same day.
I admit to using a little pencil on this one to build a frame for proportion of the various layers, before going in with a sepia coloured pigment liner to add detail. The RHS of the Cathedral was sketched loosely in pencil allowing me to add the tulips to the piece back at home before completing the rest of the building in sepia, so the flowers could appear to lay over the top rather than separatelyand to the side.
Ely Cathederal is both beautiful and complex, it was quite a challenge.


Liz Steel said...

Love it!
Hanging out to re-visit Ely and sketch the cathedral from life (I have sketched it from my photos a long time ago)
Soooo have you tried the octagon tower????!

Michael said...

A very nice drawing. Ah, Ely, a beautiful Cathedral and a very lovely town. Peterborough Cathedral is quite impressive too though.

Mindless trivia - Did you know that Ely Cathedral features on a Pink Floyd album cover? Google it!

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Two great new compilation pieces for your show Anita. The Ely cathedral drawing is stunning... and love Jemima.

Anita Davies said...

Thanks Liz, I have been right up to the octagon and even stood on the roof of the cathedral but I haven't sketched it as yet.

Michael, thank you, I have visited Peterborough and managed to catch the end of a service...beautiful! I didn't know about Pink Floyd...I shall google! ;)

Hiya Joannie, glad you like them both. :)

Margaret Ann said...

What a beauty this is...A gorgeous and elegant composition. This is now officially my newest #1 fave of yours! :)

E-J said...

Commenting on this post a little late, but have only just caught it via Google Reader and wanted to say what a stupendous job you've made of the cathedral!

It also reminds me of the time you, Diane and I sketched out on the grass in front of the cathedral. An American tourist came brazenly striding over to have a gawp - and was horrifically disappointed to discover that we were in fact "drawing FOOD" - namely, the chocolate button cake we'd just bought in Ely market! :)