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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Imagine a crowd

All sketched from imagination over a period of three evenings on the sofa infront of the TV.
Not the easiest of exercises but a great progress check on memory skills.



phthaloblu said...

You amaze me every time. These are really wonderful!

Kaylyn said...

Beautiful hand you have there! I like the loose semi-contour line quality. I sketch people I've never really seen, too. Composites of all sorts of folks noticed here and there.

Any time the pencil is moving we're doing something worthwhile!

raena said...

I'm picking my jaw up from the floor...from imagination?? Great job! I can usually get faces, but not figures, yet!

Alissa said...

great concept and lovely linework. I like the use of the different colours for different people. I am going to keep this in mind when I am queueing at the Art Gallery exhibition on Sunday. I have been told there is a wait of up to several hours to get in.I will be drawing people

Flávia Leitão said...

Great work!!!!
Scketch from imagination is a great exercisie! And you did'it very well!!!

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Enlarging brought the figures out wonderfully and your freedom of line so unique. Liked the combination of red and black pen. Clever clogs!!!! all from memory amazingly clever of you.
My book order has arrived, can't wait to hand you yours.