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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Framing My Sketchbooks

7" x 9" Pen and wash

I've been working on the sketch compilations to exhibit at the gallery, thinking of subject matter and trying to get my head around keeping loose and free while knowing the result will be framed. I had hoped to create all of the work on location but looking through my old sketchbooks I realised that there are so many beautiful places I have already visited it would take time and money to re-visit them all just to be able to state that I sketched them on location.
So, I figured if I could work from some sketches I already have, all the while treating them the same way I do my sketchbooks; no pencil and no prep, I may be able to compile some works from them and still keep that character so apparent in my journals.

So here we have the first piece 'Peckover House' situated in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, showing tiles and cornices from throughout the house and a taste of the gardens.
Apologies for the poor upload, I'm still without a scanner.

The work will be mounted in 1.5" ivory board and framed in half inch matt beech....I wanted something plain and simple so as not to take away from the delicacy of the small works.
I've still to sign and working on a catchy way of doing so that will unify my works.

I found keeping loose and working 'off the cuff' easier than I thought and just got lost it the pleasure of sketching, so I'm quite happy to utilise my old sketchbooks this way. I adore making spreads like this, they are such fun, the design element really appeals to me.

The piece is certainly different, at least I haven't seen such works around these 'ere parts, so I guess it's a nice new niche for me in the market. I can see commission potentials and postacards/cards etc ...lots of angles to explore!

What about appeal though? Everyone rummages through my sketchbooks muttering off compliments but is the appeal still going to be there when they are viewing just one sheet of paper as opposed to a book?....Does this appeal to you?...Is a compilation like this something you would consider purchasing?
Interested in your feedback my friends.


Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Glad I am first to comment. I know you have had concerns about sketching from sketches for this summer exhibition... but oh! how it works my dearest friend. Looks so fresh and spontaneous as you compile the page and add the text. Very, very special.

Keep going and as you build up a body of work, you will have that sketchbook feel all over again. It will certainly work when they are all exhibited together on one panel. Proud of you.

Anne at Film and Thread said...

I have purchased cards done like this when we travel because so much more is conveyed than a photograph. I put the cards in our travel scrapbook. Your work is really inspiring.

Joan said...

Anita, I have always loved how you combine a sketch with some people or architectural features all on one page. It adds to the character of your sketch pages and I think people will love to see individual pages framed this way.

Margaret Ann said...

I agree with Ann...This is the type of artwork I look for on trips...It has such personality and character...informal yet elegant. How exciting for you this new venture must be!

Liz Steel said...

I think this is simply wonderful and it is a great idea! GO for it!!
BTW it is just so nice to see your sketches again - I really missed them!

Alissa said...

I agree completely. The compilation of drawings is very appealing and still has so much freshness.
I am very interested in hearing what happens with this project and the directions that it takes you.

Serena said...

I can only echo what everyone else has said here....I would definitely find it appealing as it's beautiful to look at and full of interest. I wish you well with your new project, Anita ~ :)