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Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Quay, Wells-Next-The-Sea

The Quay, Wells-Next-The-Sea - Anita Davies

This was painted using my sketchbooks as a reference, from one of my many trips to Maryland Cottage in Wells last year.
The great thing about going straight in with paint is that you are free to change things without becoming a slave to your drawing. Below you can see the three stages my sand banks went through before I was finally happy with their placement.

I tried something of a vingette on this piece, an idea that has been knocking around my head for a while, and didn't fill the canvas so the primer showed...I quite like the effect but then I have always has a passion for artworks that appear unfinished or incomplete...What do you think?

I worked fast and loose with a big flat brush and Atelier interactive paints, the entire painting took around an hour and a half and was great fun.

Room for improvement - Notes*
I am considering lenghtening the mast so it breaks through to the sky slightly to improve composition and, who knows, maybe I'll add a couple of birds to that sky on the right to keep the viewers eye rolling around the canvas and complete a nice triangle between my mast, the birds and the buoy.


phthaloblu said...

This is so pretty! I really like the version of the banks you chose out of the 3. And I think you're right on with your thoughts about the mast and birds. Great sky!

Joan said...

This looks great. I like seeing how you changed it. I think that lengthening the mast would be a good idea. Hope you post the final version.

Ginny Stiles said...

Yes, I like it as it is and yes I agree with Joan, lengthening the mast would improve the composition.

Have you considered having at least 10 of your posts visible at the same time. I find it so annoying to have to go down and click February in the archives to check to see if I have missed any posts. You can set the number you want to show at one time. I think I show a dozen.

Anita Davies said...

Thanks Sherie & Joan
Ginny I already have it set to show 10 posts at once, how many are you seeing?

Serena said...

It looks fantastic, Anita, and I share your thoughts too on lengthening the mast. Thank you for showing the various stages of the process re. the sand banks.

Margaret Ann said...

Personally...I am always for a lengthened mast! LOL :) Sorry, I couldn't resist. :)

Seriously...this is awesome...I love the unfinished edges...and the wonderful energy painted here!

Anita Davies said...

Thanks Serena ;)

LOL..Margaret you crack me up! Glad you enjoyed the unfinished edges.