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Friday, February 05, 2010


'Papoose' - Atelier Acrylic Interactives

This is the third painting I made during Joannies stay. After playing with the new paints I was dying to try them on a portrait and had this reference printed out from years ago.
I spent and 1 and 30 minutes pushing the paints around freely on the surface with a 1" flat brush and enjoyed every second.
My aims were to use the reference rather than copy it, work with form and tone and keep things loose and painterly.
I am pleased with the result.

I am off to a residential spa for the weekend. I have prepared a new Derwent pink floral sketchbook with decorative papers to take with me. Sadly my pc is still sick and I'm using my Son's laptop, so scanning sketchbook pages is difficult at the moment but I am still sketching and I will update you all just as soon as my pc has been fixed.

Have a good weekend!


phthaloblu said...

Love how this turned out. I really like the loose, painterly feel. Reminds me of pastels. Have fun at the spa. Looking forward to seeing your sketches.

Serena said...

How lovely and soft! Enjoy the spa. I'm also looking forward to seeing your sketches. I do hope your pc isn't going to be too costly to repair...good luck ~

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Looks good up on the screen and shows your new way of working in free soft brush strokes. Hope you are having a great time . Give me a call on Mon as I have a demo booking I can pass on to you at Sutton Bridge. Its too far for me for an afternoon (Wed)- over 80 miles.

Joan said...

I like the subdued tones you used in the portrait!!! Nice work! Enjoy the spa...I'm jealous!!!

Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

Nice... I love the light playing on their faces... Enjoy your spa visit... hope they pamper you BIG time.

lyn said...

Always fun to visit here, your so very productive. Acrylic ink experiments you and Joan did are very nice!
Continued success