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Tuesday, February 23, 2010


My ring arrived from Sarah at Lushae and it is stunning.
It took approx. two weeks to arrive and required a custom fee to collect, I emailed Sarah and she immediately credited my paypal account with more than the required compensation along with her apologies.
I took a gamble on the size, I don't have a printer at the moment so I turned my Sons's laptop upside down and placed a ring I have over the size chart on the Lushae website...It fits perfectly!
The ring shines and twinkles so much that I found it quite difficult to photograph and had to find a spot in the lounge without direct light. It looks so elegant and I love the design. It came complete with it's own little box too!
A huge thank you to Sarah at Lushae, I am delighted.


BlueRidgeLady said...

So pretty!!! Bet you were excited! Love the design.

Margaret Ann said...

A little bling always makes one's day...this looks great on your hand! :)