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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Copic People Sketches

Harry from life - 10 mins

Jake from life - 5 mins

Pausa coffee shop on location

Pausa coffee shop on location

Sketched from a Mitch Waite DVD, still frame

Sketched from a magazine - 5 mins

I have had a tonal set of 5 grey Copic Ciao markers for a couple of years now and never really used them. I recently started making thumbnail sketches with them and quickly realised their potential as a very handy location media. I have found that creating tonal thumbnails for prospective paintings with these pens allows me to see quite quickly if the painting will work, compositionally and tonally. Colour notes can be made in writing or left to my interpretation back in the studio.
Being a huge monochrome fan, I've become rather addicted to them.
They are so easy to stick in a handbag and 4 pens can be held in one hand comfortably while working with the 5th.
Finding a sketchbook that will take them, however, has been a bit of a problem...They bleed through to the back of the page, especially the black. So far, the best books I have tested are the Derwent Floral, which has paper rather like a Moleskine only a little thicker, and the Canson watercolour sketchbook .


Joan Sandford-Cook said...

You are so versatile Anita - but then I know how much you like tonal work and your technique of creating a painting tonally first even in a chosen colour. Its all part of the quality of your workmanship.

Joan said...

These seem to give you a nice range of colors. Good sketches!!

Serena said...

Wonderful sketches, Anita!