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Saturday, January 23, 2010


Last week I was contacted by a friendly woman called Sarah at Lushae asking me if I would like to select a free item from her web store in exchange for some feedback online on my blog. I agreed and Sarah sent me a link that produced a free gift card on entering the shop, allowing me to make my choice from any of the items in her store.

It took quite a while to make a decision from all the beautiful items on display but I finally decided on the Ribbon Ring and placed my order on the 18th. My own computer has been out of action since before Christmas and I'm using my Sons laptop so I couldn't print out the handy ring size chart supplied on the site and had to guess, so I hope I got it right.

I had an email on the 21st to confirm that my gift had been dispatched and I'm rather excited at the prospect of wearing it very soon.

I'll keep you informed.


Margaret Ann said...

Lovely delicate deign in that ring! It will go perfectly with your new shoes for spring! LOL:)

Serena said...

A beautiful choice, Anita! Hmmmmmm...this makes me rethink my perspective as I've had a couple of emails from people offering a free product for a review on my blog but I've not responded thinking they may be spam.