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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Norfolk Lavender - 16.10.09

I arranged to meet Joannie at Norfolk Lavender and, although we left at very different times, we both pulled into the parking area at exactly the same time!
We shared a slice of carrot cake, a slice of lemon cake and indulged in a latte each while we caught up on one another's activities during the huge gap since we were last able to share time together.
It was wonderful to see her again and the perfect start to our exciting weekend together.

We wondered outside to grab a sketch and I managed to find a bench that gave a view of the magnificent building, the greenhouse and the cute little lavender kiosk all together.


Dia said...

Your trip sounds like a lot of fun, & what a sweet pic!
One of our local nurserys/shops has a cute little lavender painted kiosk in their yard, as they hosted a local Lavender festival for several years - it would make a lovely subject - I'll have to follow your example & show up with my paints!

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E-J said...

Anita: it was sooooooo good to hook up with you again today. It didn't take me too much twiddling with my "panic drawing" page before I was happy with it! Hope to post after the weekend.

Hope we can make the Fitzwilliam happen soon, and maybe next year, the trip to Holt?

Take care. Really glad I met you. Gush gush. Mwah. Xx