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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Late Lunch In Ramsey

Monday morning was a little hectic so it was after one when Harry and I decided to ignore the rain and head out to Ramsey for a slice of cake and some duck feeding.
We stopped off at Choices cafe where I seem to remember seeking refuge from the rain last time I visited Ramsey. The rain fell from the grey sky while Harry and I tucked into our chips and cake and cleared just as we were leaving, allowing us to stop off at our favourite duck pond and hand out our stale bread before heading home.

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E-J said...

Lovely. Your sketchbook entries frequently remind me that one of the best things about being a sketcher is that it is such a fabulous excuse to visit cafés for tea and cake. :) My sketching mojo has done a runner, but it's mostly 'cos I'm busy with non-art-related work, and thinking about my commission. Or maybe I just need more cake!!