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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Missing Cygnets

Last time Harry and I walked along the Nene river in Benwick we came across a swan and her cygnets, five of them...such a lovely sight. The next morning after dropping Harry at school I popped by the river and to my delight there they were again. This continued two mornings in a row.
On the third I found a swan and no cygnets. I hoped it was a different swan and 'our' swan and her babies were ok. When I collected Harry from school that day we made our journey home along the river and much further up than our usual haunt...there they were, all five of them, happily swimming along weith their Mum.


Joan Sandford-Cook said...

So glad you found the little ones again. We have the same worry here on the river by the pub as the whole family seems to have moved off somewhere else.

LOVED THE DVD and your neice IS THE BEST.

Joan said...

I've missed a few days here so I'm catching up. Love the last few entries!!! Glad the swan is OK! If your posts weren't impressive you're walking and sketching at the same time??? Are you wonder-woman?lol