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Monday, May 04, 2009

May 2009 Voices - Day 4

I just love the way he sings this one...what a song!


Owen said...

I'm enjoying everyones EDiM. Such variety. Great theme you have going here.

Alex said...

It definitely look like him. I've liked Oasis since I was in high school, and I think Paul Weller has a nice voice and he plays guitar well!
I like this sketch a lot because it reminds me of pop-art, and the outlines are just great! Plus you've got a nice handwriting ^^

Margaret Ann said...

What a spectacular collection of Voices you have started here Anita!!! LOVE!

I am just now catching up on all your recent prolific postings too...My OOOOOOOOH MY! What wonderful things...

Your EDiM series is a visual dessert to top off a spectacular feast for the eyes!! My, I have missed visiting! :)

angeltreats said...

This is one of my very favourite songs. Love the drawing, it's a great likeness.

bubblemunch said...

What a great idea for a theme. Loving them all but this made my heart jump a little. This is one of those songs that really does it and the words "mixing my emotions" - well, that's what the song does to me when I hear it.
It looks so much like him; a great likeness - in fact it's very flattering!

I grew up with Paul Weller and his bands.

Are you going to auction any of these off at the end? Maybe limited edition prints!

E-J said...

Love your "Voices" theme. Has Andrea Joseph seen this one? :)

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Ah, the love of my life (this is sad, but I've actually got a PW dvd on RIGHY NOW). It's a great likeness. And, of course, stunning song. But then I'm biased!

Cool series.
Any plans for a Kate Bush one for my mate Tim?