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Thursday, April 23, 2009



Cherilynn Wood Fine Art said...

Very beautiful sketch! I enjoy following your work.

Newslogger said...

Can someone, who can do this sketch, can also catch the mood of a six months old baby marvelling after a butterfly? I saw it tomorrow when a six months old toddler son of my friend went all out after an all-evading colourful butterfly. Of course, an artist like you will follow whatever comes in your way. Still, I would love it if some day you too have a similar experience and decide to draw on that. It would be bpth a great study and a supreme gift for my friend too.

Let me Introduce myself to you - I am a friend of an ardent follower of your art in India. Trying to sample his tastes, I felt intrigued too by this one particularly beautiful sketch. I must say,

Thanks Anita.

Aarti Harish said...

I liked this one..!!

Joan said...

Looks like the color was stragegically placed!!! Lovely shading on the model!!!

Donna said...

This is a beautiful sketch. I look forward to seeing what you do each day.


bubblemunch said...

Blummin' gorgeous!

A veautiful sketch of the soft, shapely, feminine form.
he contrast of the texture and vivid acrylic is inspired.