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Friday, March 13, 2009

Prepared Surface Sketching

Harry and our whippet 'Scoby' - Lamy Safari filled with Noodlers 'Walnut' ink using a medium nib on watercolour and soft pastel.

Harry - Lamy Safari filled with red/black ink using an extra fine nib on watercolour

Harry and Jake - Lamy Safari filled with Noodlers 'Walnut' ink using a medium nib on gouache.

A few family sketches on prepared surfaces in my large Canson watercolour sketchbook.

I'd forgotten just how much prepared backgrounds add to a sketch and since I have had mixed media out on my desk recently for the 'Mixed Views' project I thought I'd dabble on a page....which soon turned into a few pages.
They look so much more interesting than just ink sketches and give instant 'meat' to a few minutes work.


Joan said...

I've never tried preparing pages ahead of time, but I like the look you got with it under the pen lines. Nice!!!

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

The colours add a new dimension to your family sketches - not sure the boys woudl like to be sketched on GIRLY PINK though!
Had my hair cut and coloured today and bought some new light weight long sleeved tops to go under our Norwich purchases. - feel like a new woman.

Kim Zoph said...

These are great! You've inspired me to try it myself. The color wash makes your drawings come to life!

RHCarpenter said...

The addition of color to these really adds so much.

purplepaint said...

Your kids are so good about you sketching them! Mine have fits. I finally did a self portrait, not very good but I'll have to post it.... Marva

seesue said...

Anita these are wonderful! The undercolour is perfect.