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Monday, March 02, 2009

Coltishall Trip -Part 2

After our leisurely breakfast, Joan and I headed into Norwich to the Castle Museum where, amongst other delights, we found a Moore-Hepworth-Nicholson exhibition.
I managed a few quick sketches while walking around, one of which was my favourite Hepworth piece entitled 'Mother and Child'...It wasn't until we arrived back at Joans that evening that I reaslised how utterly crude I had made Hepworths' beautiful sculpture appear in my sketchbook (which had Joan and I laughing like school children)...I assure you, it wasn't nearly as phallus in real life.

We stopped off at the Museum cafe for a spot of lunch and a much needed latte before moving on to view the decorative arts and modern art, which lead us nicely through to the castle itself complete with battle gear and dungeons.

The view from the castle was fantastic, I made a quick sketch of one of the buildings while taking a cigarette break.

We saw so much.

I fell in love with various artists works that were new to me, luscious fabrics, jewels and gowns. I stood in awe of a polar bear and in fear of the huge lions. I cast my eye over 3000 teapots (one of which is the largest in the world and actually served Victoria and Albert) and I did it all with wonderful company, fabulous latte and a good dose of ibuprofen!

What a day!

On our arrival home, Clive served us his delicious cottage pie which he had cooked especially at my request (Thank you Clive) and I indulged in a little wine (okay was medicinal!)
I made a sketch of Joan, who by now was totally relaxed and about ready for dreamland, before we finally went up and hit the sack.


Anonymous said...

Freud slipping in between your fingers! I laughed a lot at your comment about the Mother & Child.
I love the way you mix the text with the sketches, this is something I have always loved to do in my work - but you do it so beautifully.

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

What a great outpouring of our busy day together. You left out the visit to the market and clothes shops for 3 tops for me before dashing for the bus!!!

Joan Gillman Smith said...

Have enjoyed a vicarous visit with you and friend Joan. Lovely sketches and commentary.