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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Bygones cafe

I have been visiting Bygones Cafe in Wisbech since my now 18 year old Son, was a boy. He would love to visit and ordered tea because it came in a pot that he could pour himself, along with a tiny milk jug and sugar bowl. It's a very traditional cafe serving 'spotted dick and custard' and ''meat and two veg' dishes, because of this it is often filled with more mature customers full of character and some elite club.

Last week I took Harry along and he sipped on his hot chocolate while I indulged in a milk coffee and a little sketching. The old beams are enhanced by a huge shelf that runs around the entire cafe displaying an array of saucers and plates.

It was, as always, delicious and friendly.


angeltreats said...

Love this one - such a pretty drawing. It sounds like exactly the sort of cafe I love to go to when we visit my husband's family in Yorkshire. Not too many in London though unfortunately.

Rhonda said...

Very nice, it makes me wish that we had a cafe like it in my town. The best coffee place we have is a drive through latte joint. Good coffee but no character;-( I have always wanted to open a cafe/book store that was small and cozy. And all my artsy friends and neighbors would stop in for tea and read. I enjoy your work a lot.

Anonymous said...

A lovely memory to go along with your drawing. Thanks for sharing the story.

Gemma Mortlock said...

mmmmm this sounds idylic i must visit this cafe if ever i come in that direction. Beautiful drawing and painting, really captures the moment.