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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Chasing The Carrot

This spread in my journal was born of that age old problem...Not knowing what to draw!

After scouring the house for something interesting and inspirational, I gave up and was forced to to call on my imagination. This is something that would have terrified me not so long ago, especially figures and facial features.

I was pleased to find a huge improvement in this area.

This spread offered proof to me that all of my recent work studying people was soaking in on a much deeper level than I'd hoped. It renewed my appetite for the carrot dangling before me in my creative path, so I coloured the background orange in it's honour!

On my most uninspired day for many weeks, life forced me to search within, I rose to the challenge and my reward was plentiful.

Life is sneaky like that!


Ester Wilson said...

It's great to see your work in the book you created via blurb! I was just looking at that site, thinking about doing the same. Your work is beautiful (And I love this post for feb 05 - nice drawing :)

anita said...

Oh I know that feeling all too well - when I was little I would ask my mother "What should I draw?" and she came up with a witticism like "Draw the Dole!"
Lovely colour orange!

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Well,we all knew you could do it from your imagination. All that hard work studying people and faces was sure to bring you the reward you deserve. Who needs a model - nearly everyone but you, clever clogs!!! Charming design and features. By the way I never have seen you as a donkey, as your interesting self portraits confirm!!?? but I'll bring a bunch of carrots next visit.

Shirley said...

Congratulations! Your imaginary friend is lovely - and I know how pleased I would be if my figure practice resulted in such a great journal spread.

Kim Saxe said...

Anita ~ What a brilliant, honest post. You inspire me. I admire your continual quest for growth (when you could so easily "rest on your laurels." She's lovely. Best, Kim

Stephen Hall said...

I adore the simplicity and narrative of this piece. It has to be the weather, I'm stuck in the doldrums, no wind in my sails, it will come, it always will, and when it does... brace yourself!
Love the calmness. you inspire me :-)

Helena said...

If i try to draw from imagination, I try to imagine the image on the paper, then draw in the lines. I'm not too good at humans though!

benjaminlois said...

hi from Spain!! really like your work and your blog!!

Owen said...

{Oh look, it's the hi from Spain guy again.}

Anyway, um, what I really wanted to comment is that this is such a lovely spread and good on you for making much of a blah day.

Ana Tirolese said...

See, there you go!