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Saturday, February 21, 2009

New and Old

I went for another drive today and ended up in Rampton, I've never been there before. I came across The Black Horse Tea Rooms and pulled over to grab a cuppa and a bite to eat. The food, service and coffee were all fantastic, I am very pleased I found this wonderful place and will deffinately return.

On my return home I took the rather bumpy Dykemoor Drove short cut, it's even bumpier than my drove so I usually go around the village and avoid it but I was in no hurry today! I managed to pull over into a good spot with a view of the chicken farm buildings at the corner of the drove and Benwick Road.

The sunshine was glorious today turning the ochres into sheer gold and the new, green growth into a dazzling citrus carpet.



Margaret Ann said...

Love the tea house quaint..bell and all!

It was very interesting to see the huge wind powered turbines in the distance of your second sketch...they dot the countrysides here in the States too. :)

Laureline said...

We both sketched cakes yesterday! Yours is much more down to earth than mine and I'm sure I'd much prefer eating yours to eating the ones I drew ;D.
Your landscape sketch is charming, Anita.