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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Me Again

Self Portrait - 15-20 mins - HB pencil

Another unflattering self portrait but I don't mind, I enjoy that I can experiment and not upset anyone! I think a self portrait should reveal more than just a photographic reflection.

Sketched from life using a HB pencil. I then sealed it with acrylic varnish because I hate that graphite smudges (which is why I sketch with ink in my journals) It worked! It is sealed and by using a large brush I didn't move the graphite around when I coated it. The background is a mix of watercolour and acrylic varnish.

This counts as my 'Thing-A-Day' entry for day 3.


Anonymous said...

What a great idea. I should be doing this myself. I like the composition.

Margaret Ann said...

Wow! Love the angle here Anita...looks really difficult!

Anita Davies said...

Thanks Owen. I'm sure I left a comment on your recent blog post last night but it doesn't seem to be there today? Strange!

Thanks Margaret, side angles are always a little tricky but then, are SP's ever easy? LOL!

redemptionsong said...

Thanks for your comment at If you don't mind I added you on my blog list. Is it ok?


Ana Tirolese said...

I like it!

I find that when we do quick self portraits while looking at our reflections in a mirror, they tend to be very serious and sometimes unflattering. We tend to focus in on all our minor flaws and bring them out. I am almost always scowling in mine.

I think you did an excellent job, and the acrylic varnish is brilliant!

Anita said...

The last one I did of myself left me worrying a great deal! I really hope I don't look the way I drew myself!
Nice background.

Stephen Hall said...

Hi Anita, It was your self portrait that made me do one. Thought about it lots of times but talked myself out of it! Mine is flawed in so many ways but it is a start. It was your narrative that gave me the courage to do it! So, thank you :-) It isn't about sketching, it's a strange experience about disclosure, how much are you prepared to share etc. My next one will look more like Shrek!

Anita Davies said...

Redemptionsong - Thank you and of course that's ok...I'm flattered! :D

Ana, I agree. I think a SP is very much about revealing our thoughts and emotions, our inner self ...You just have to let your hand take control and allow the curtains to be pulled back so to speak. Scary stuff! LOL!

LOL...I'm sure you don't Anita but our own vision of ourselves is far removed from everyone elses vision of us ....don't you think?

Stephen it's a great SP you made. I couldn't agree more with your experience and am delighted to have inspired you take the journey...Looking forward to Shrek! ;)