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Friday, February 27, 2009

Hospital Reception

Forty minutes in Doddington hospital reception, killing time before I collected Harry from school.


marcia furman said...

Love sketches like this! You really captured them!

caseytoussaint said...

Wonderful people sketches, Anita! Don't you love having captive subjects like that?

Anonymous said...

Wasting time? No, more like investing time. :)

I spent 15 days in hospital, just got home this week. I was not in a state to draw anything. Good to be home and nice to see your work again.

lyn said...

I did hospital sketches this week too! I have been bad at posting this month, I guess I have one more day to post in Feb. I'll try to get my hospital ones and I think I have enough cats to finish 100 cats!
Love to visit your posts!

angeltreats said...

Lovely sketches. Hospitals are great places for people watching - so many different types of people there.