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Saturday, February 07, 2009

Experimental Harry

These first sketches of Harry were made using a water brush filled with black ink, diluted with a little water. I keep two of these in my handbag, one black and one nut brown, for adding quick tones to sketch but have never used them to sketch directly with. It was a little scary to start with, such bold lines but by the third study I was enjoying myself and the challenge.

Trying to capture a moving subject is always a challenge, so when I noticed Harry playing with his toys in the lounge I grabbed my sketchbook. I used the nut brown water brush to add some tone to the study above and watercolour for the one below.

Harry offered to model for my Wednesday art class this week where we ran through a series of very short poses. Seating a model in a sketch is always challenging, so we had a few poses with Harry sitting to practice, below are three instructional studies I made during our session.
All are made using Inktense pencils but the blue in the bottom sketches did not scan well, so I've turned them monochrome to make them more visable.



Stephen Hall said...

Kids are great to draw - my all time favourite subject! I like these and prefer sketches of children doing what they do. Not so keen on potrait type approach, have done a few in my time and never really pleased with the outcome!

Owen said...

I think this lad of yours needs to begin charging a modeling fee :-)

Joan said...

Anita - Harry is such a good model!!!! Great sketches!

winna said...

I love to browse your posts and enjoy the reading, too. Is it possible to order your book?

freebird said...

Wow, Harry is really getting into the art world. Good for him. They probably don't get kids to draw too often do they?

Margaret Ann said...

I love that Harry loves what you love...ART! :)