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Monday, February 23, 2009

Cherubs and Angels

Last week my good friend Joannie sent me an angel pin, such a thoughtful surprise.
The cherub is a figurine I purchased for myself some time ago, it's very special to me. Since the angel pin is so tiny, I thought I'd use my cherub to create an image for this spread.

Thank you Joannie!


Joan said...

The cherub is so great...I like the side and back view!!!

janabouc said...

I love these images from your journal and the way you compose the page with such care. Your work is such a pleasure to see and I bet your journal is a work of beauty in person.

purplepaint said...

Your cherub turned out much better than mine! It's going to be a glorious day today so I'm off to paint some scenery or something outside... Love your blog. Marva

Sandy said...

I adore Cherubs, and actually discovered I have a collection on small stone cherubs - did not realize I bought so many ;-)